How to Choose Best Translation Services

How to Choose Best Translation Services

How to Choose Best Translation Services

There are a number of certified translation companies who use language translators to translate word documents into English language from other languages of the world. They mostly use the services of freelance certified translators who offer certified document translation services in the UK. Any translation agency or a translation company while providing language translation services to its clients use the services of a professional translator who is either a Qualified Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) or a professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL), UK with MCIL designation.

Majority of top translation companies in the world are mainly dependent on the translation services being offered by independent registered translators. In order to find out information on who to become a certified translator to provide translation and certification of documents in the UK click here. There are number of freelance qualified translators who are registered with both of the above professional bodies and they provide legal document translation services like Birth Certificate translation, Marriage Certificate translation, Police Statements, Witness Statements, Victims Statement etc. to global translation services providers on their request.

If you are looking for a document translation services, there are a number of questions which will instantly pop up in your mind. Like for example:

• Who is the best language translator near me or who can provide documents translation near me?
• Who can translate word document or where can I find a best document translation services?
• Who can offer same day translation services or where to find a sworn translator to translate documents?
• Where to find an accredited translation agency or a professional translation services near me for official document translation?

The website of CIoL as well as ITI is the best sites to find out answers to any of the above questions regarding translation services. CIoL being a professional body for all linguists represents the language profession in all fields and professions in the UK. CIoL sets a high standard for its membership entry. The Code of Professional Conduct of the CIoL is designed to afford protection to both its members and the public and is approved by its Council. CIoL’s Diploma in Translation (a post graduate level qualification) is the gold standard for every one wanting a career as a freelance translator. The CIoL founded in 1910 has over 7,000 members worldwide. Similarly the ITI, founded in 1986 is an independent professional membership association for translators and interpreters. It has over 3000 members both in the UK and internationally. The Code of Professional Conduct of the ITI can be viewed by clicking here.

After going through their websites your will be able to find answers to your questions on getting professional document translation services in the UK. You can view the profiles of individual linguists on CIoL and ITI websites and based on their linguistic qualification and experience in translating documents you can confidently choose the best one for you.

If you are able to directly contact a registered doc translator then you will be able to save almost more than 50% on the total translation costs. This is because you will be eliminating the extra layer of cost going directly to a language translation company who acts as a middle man between you and the translator. A certified translation company will not only charge you for their share of profit but over and above they will also take freelance translator certification and translation cost from you. In this way your translation services cost will almost become double. So in this way you will be dealing directly with each other avoiding any increased cost or commission on translation services. A translation company makes money for selling the translation services for more than its purchase price.

If you decide to purchase the translation services from an agency then try to ensure that your document is translated by a registered doc translator. Ask the professional translation company, which should be a member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC), to provide you with a Certificate of Accuracy issued by a certified translator who originally translated your document on behalf of the translation company. A professional translator must be a member of the CIoL or ITI in the UK. You can verify their membership online. In this way you will have a peace of mind and can use the Certificate of Accuracy for legal purposes wherever there is a need.

There are a number of professional translators who provide quality certified translation services. Their accreditation with professional bodies can be easily verified by using a free online tool to their profiles. When offering certified translation services to their clients all the worldwide translation services, solicitors, Courts and Police Services, City Councils etc. frequently access CIoL and ITI websites on daily basis. If you are getting official translation for the Home Office in support of your visa application either for a marriage, a student visa or for any other purposes then submitting a certificate of accuracy issued by a CIoL or ITI qualified language translator along with your documents to the Home Office will hopefully facilitate the application process.

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