There are a number of reasons for using certified document translation services. If you are getting married abroad, applying for a UK visa for spouse, submitting an asylum application or a settlement application you will need certified document translation services. Apart from this if you are applying for a divorce proceeding or a UK Passport, admission to a University or making any other important decision with respect to your documentation you will certainly need translation of your documents. All document translation is carried out by a Member of the ITI.

Once you have made a decision about the certified document translation, please e mail or WhatsApp your documents to us for a free quote. Ordering certified document translation is an easy process involving the following four steps:

  • Send me a clear copy of your document by Email or WhatsApp. Once I have received your documents I shall offer a Quote by return e mail.
  • If you are happy with the Quote and want to go proceed an invoice will  be sent for payment.
  • The draft will be sent to your for approval once the payment has been made.
  • Your original translation (stamped and signed) will be posted out to your address once it has been finalized.

If you want to have your document delivered back to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery then please advise in advance. There is a charge of approximately GBP 6-8 for this service in UK. When sending scanned copy or photo of your documents please ensure that they are legible enough and the edges of documents are not cut off, crumpled or folded back. You can send your original documents by post as well.

If you need further information please get in touch with me using the contact details noted below.

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