NADRA Card English Translation

NADRA Card English Translation

I offer translation services for the following types of documents into English language  in the UK: Pakistani NADRA Card English Translation (CNIC English Translation), Marriage Certificates,  Police Clearance Certificates, Divorce Certificates, Educational Certificates (Degrees), Residence Permits, Divorce Certificates, Death Certificates, Identity Cards, Statements of Truth and affidavits for the Courts, Immigration and Asylum Documents, Medical Certificates, Health Certificates, Immunization Certificates, Newspaper Cuttings, Court Notices and Court Summons, Information Leaflets and Brochures, Driving Licenses, Pakistani Police Reports called FIRs, Defendants Statements, Certified Translation of Property Ownership Documents, Birth Certificates, Sales Purchase and Rental Agreements, and Personal letters

Translation services cover the following language combinations with English for translation: Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi (Gurmukhi), Gujarati, Farsi (Persian), Dari (Afghani), Pushto, Nepalese, Somali, Tamil, Spanish, Latin, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Norwegian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Czech, Croatian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Georgian, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Slovak, Kurdish, Latvian, Algerian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai and Urdu.

The certified translation of NADRA Cards are currently offered in following cities of the UK: Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Bury, Burnley, Bedford, Canterbury, Cambridge, Bolton, Cardiff, Chichester, Coventry, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Rotherham, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Oldham, Peterborough, Dewsbury, Slough, Southall, Preston, Rochdale, Halifax, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Southampton, Wakefield, Wolverhampton, Worcester.

Home Office, Courts, Police, Immigration Tribunals, HM Passport Office, Universities, NARIC, City Councils in the UK, Translation and Interpreting agencies, Diplomatic Missions in the UK accept the translations of Pakistani CNIC completed by us. Completed translations are sent to almost all parts of the world free of cost using normal post.

If you are looking to have your ID Card translated into English please get in touch with me.  Please ask for a copy of the terms and conditions of my services which are also available on this website. If you need to have any of the above documents translated please ask for a free quote using the following contact details.

NADRA Card translation